Boobs says Hi


So, yeah. I like cats. I like giggles. And thus – boobsihazthem was born. I’m a twenty something english girl fed up of being unfit and too big for the clothes she likes, and the activities she wants to do.

As this lifestyle change (I refuse to call it a diet) is due to last for a very very very long time, and I am not allowed to give up, I decided it was time to dip my toe into the rancid world of blogging. To aid motivation and share my experiences. Yes. Honestly. Not to distract me from my desk job. Nope.

This blog is about more than just nutrition and exercise. It’s about lifestyles in general, and choices in general – from being green, to being vegan, to alternative hair and skin care. I’m making several changes in my life, and I want to think about them in the way that every self-obsessed twenty-year-old does.

boobsihazthem is an exercise in self control, introspection, and not being ashamed of my thoughts, no matter how sex related or squicky they are. Thus this blog is not being revealed to friends or family, or aquaintances of mine from various other past times. Nor will I be posting my entire face on this blog at any time. Anonymity is my friend in this case, no matter how proud I may be of a particular insight. If I am ever proud of some insight.

It is also an attempt at humour, of seeing the less depressing sides of the gym, the swimming pool, and the various other avenues of lifestyle choice. Probably it will be dosed liberally with lolcats and lolspeak, simply because after reading numerous tomes of philosophy, religion, history, literature and so on, I find the simplicity amusing.

So there. A manifesto of going from bulbous to ‘still-big-but-healthy’.


~ by Pewter on June 12, 2008.

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