Rapunzel, Rapunzel….

So, boobsihazthem is growing her hair long. She came to this by not cutting her hair for two years. Hell, I came about this by doing fuck all with my hair for that time. Tangles, mistreatment, the lot. It wasn’t pretty, and I have a lot of damaged hair now. As a result of that, I am now also obsessed with long hair communities, and alternative therapies for hair. After a while using natural, less harsh shampoos, I came to the conclusion that I would cut out on detergent based shampoos all together.

In May, this is what my hair looked like, to be honest it isn’t all that bad. Sure it’s not sleek and shiny, but the length is nice and I didn’t look like a crazy lady. Not that I ever did. Um. Yeah. Back in April I was using things like John Frieda’s Brilliant Brunette crap, and getting a lot of dandruff and problems with my hair just not looking great.

Since then I moved on to things like Faith in Nature shampoos, trying to move away from products with parabens and SLSs in them. Right now? I’m down to washing my hair with conditional, and nowt else but the occasional rinse with highly diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. Things are going well. I get less dandruff, my hair tangles less, and doesn’t feel stripped of natural oils. I have to wash at least 5 times a week with water, if nothing else, as I work out daily and I AM NOT GOING TO THE GYM ALL SKINKY LIKE.


~ by Pewter on June 13, 2008.

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