Dem jugs need support

(AlsSo I purchased some new bras in the correct size for the first time in two years.  Possibly longer, now I come to think about it. In many ways I am lucky with my cleavage, it is in proportion to the rest of my bouncy figure, so I’ve escaped the ‘beach ball’ look of many women with smaller boobs. No matter how far out my tummy gets, the boobs stick out further.


So, I adore and have for a long time. They are a haven for the big boobed girl, which includes many a biggish woman. The tailored clothes they make don’t go up enough, so I’m still stuck there. Plus sized tailoring still looks odd on my boobs, and probably always will, and normal tailoring will continue to be just.plain.wrong around the boobs.

Black bustier

I went for this. The cup size may be a tad too small, but I’ll just have to try it. I’ve been dying to try a body or a bustier for years and decided to take the plunge. Since I discovered g strings again recently, I’m enjoying thinking more about the…well, the framework of an outfit. This bustier is the closest I can get to a strapless bra at the moment, the only thing I can do for halternecks!

I think it is extremely important for ‘big girls’ to get the right underwear. You should spend the most money on good underwear and good shoes – you can’t skimp on them. Poor quality shoes and clothes give problems very quickly, due to added ‘strain’ to be blunt. I tend to buy few and expensive, and wear to death. I have a pair of perfect sandals, perfect jeans – all of them I will wear until they are down right dead and need replacing. Somehow it works out that I spend much less on cloths per year than girls who buy a ton of cheap crap. And at 40 quid this bustier isn’t particularly expensive.

No, I didn’t buy the g-string. Mores the pity.

Candy stripes!

So. That was teh sex. Now for fun and sweet! I wanted a bra that would give me good support, without the lace and ribbons that festoon many of the other cup shapes and styles I like. This is very sweet, and it will make a change to have these bra straps showing with my strappy tops, as opposed to the big inch thing band of DOOM that normally occurs with even the nicest bras.

For many years I’ve been jealous of other girls showing off their fun patterns. A bra for me is like this magnificent piece of engineering, and always has elaborate decoration. For them it could be something soft and fun – sexy without being obvious about it. I hope this is the same way.

I’ll buy the matching undies next month. I promise! However jealousy is finally vindicated and I can now feel happy about showing a little bit of bra strap on a fun day out.

Nude colouring

This I purchased in order to get something that will make covering clothes fit better. A good shape under a white top, or anything that does cover you cleavage is essential. I really notice the difference if my boobs are not placed right, and boobs in the wrong place will make you look bigger and older.

Not to mention that a badly fitting bra, like I have right now, will make your back hurt and upset your entire bone structure and musculature. Yes, I just used the word musculature.  Go me.

I’m also a little hyper as I actually got enough protein after my swim this morning, but exercise and diets are for other entries. Just remember people – good foundations make for a good outfit/house, and a more supported you.  This isn’t about squeezing yourself into control pants, this is about sexy, well fitting underwear.

Sources/Purchase etc, in no particular order.

Also, the model wearing the stripy bra (Natural Charm Bra by Kalyani) ? Totally hot. If I was one of dem boobless penis owning types, I’d totally go for that. I’ve never really mused on the charm of a belly before, but her abs are not totally insanely flat. She has a lovely round belly that perfectly fits her. I am envy. And I am semi-lesbian lust, but let us not go into that.


~ by Pewter on June 18, 2008.

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