Upping the pace

After a review of my diet over the past 4 weeks or so, I have come to the conclusion that it needs a rejig, and I need to look at adding more exercise sessions into my routine. I’m managing 4-5 sessions a week now, and while I feel the benefits in terms of an increase in muscle, I’m feeling held back by the flab that just doesn’t seem to want to shift.

Now some background – I don’t love my body, but I don’t want to be skinny. My boyfriend I are both large, and I love my bottom and my boobs. I could even come to love my tummy if it wasn’t so….cellulitey. I don’t need to fit into small clothes, but I do need to be able to go up stairs without huffing and puffing, and to fit into rides at themeparks. Also to wear knee high boots and go horse riding. Not necessarily at the same time though.

Diet wise I’m coming well under 2000 a day in calories. At 17 and a half stone (or there abouts) I can safely consume around 2200 without gaining weight at my current level of exercise.  However some analysis is showing that my fat intake is kinda…high. And that I’m not really getting enough protein or carbs. Hum. So the aim is to work on increasing the protein and carbs while decreasing the fat intake a small amount, without increasing calories any further. This means more poultry and fish will feature on the menu at lunch time. I tend to fall back on cheese. I love cheese, but it doesn’t love me *sigh*

Exercise wise, I think I’m getting perhaps a little bored of the gym and swim. I must keep them up in the mornings as part of my routine, and there are no early morning exercise classes, this means looking into evening or weekend classes in my home town, as opposed to where I work. More classes at a different gym will mean more cash to come from an already overstretched household. I’ll have to see if we can afford this in the long term. I might even be able to drag boywholoveboobs along with me and work some exercise into his life.


~ by Pewter on June 19, 2008.

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