That came out of leftfield.

So, the further I read into the core of the fat acceptance movement, the more I feel scared by it. Really. It complains about the sweeping generalizations about fat people, and yet makes the same mistake about people who are trying to loose weight/get fit/improve their health. There was a post which went on about how one shouldn’t congratulate someone for reaching a weight loss milestone, especially if they were only dieting/exercising to lose weight. Why? The reason is that it perpetuates the Thin=Healthy myth. I do understand this, I can see why your reasoning would lead you to this.

Yet a big part of me will say ‘fuck that’. So what if they put it all back on – they achieved something, even if it is only temporary. If they are happy with the change and looks good on them, I’m not going to keep my trap shut just because I’m perpetuating a myth. There is such a thing as fucking manners yanno. If you’re an FA activist,  fair enough. There is a time and a place for that sort of thing, in my opinion, and implying in any way that their effort is worthless is….just heartless. Even if they put it all back on, it is something they have achieved through will power and determination, something they wanted to do. I love long hair, but it wouldn’t stop me congratulating someone on getting a pixie haircut if it looked good – even though it will just grow out again.

Our bodies don’t last forever. Yet we congratulate people on reaching milestone ages, even though omg they’re gonna be oaps one day. Being down on someone for being slim just because they’ll be a fatty again one day anyone is just lame. I don’t see a conflict between accepting yourself as being a certain size, and yet someone going down the diet/lifestyle change route as being incompatible. This size is not my ‘natural size’, its the result of bad choices and idleness. My natural size is what I would have without a modern diet, and 3-4 hours a day of ‘foraging’. That may still be big, after all, I have no problem with that. My current weight/shape is preventing me from living the life I would now like to lead, so I’m doing something about it and adopting the life I want.

And I am sorry, but I will tend to trust medical opinions, at least in the UK, more than I trust random bloggers who have read a few studies.

Rawr. Okies, no more politics now.


~ by Pewter on June 20, 2008.

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