Body Balance Review

I mentioned on Saturday that I would be attending a Body Balance session at my local gym. In the Netherlands I found the exercises moderately difficult, but this time they were insanely hard. I think it was partially because the class was much faster in the beginning, and I also pushed myself too hard. It was great fun though, and I’m getting myself my own yoga mat so I can keep going every week. I did bad by forgetting a water bottle though, which was a big mistake.

I also walked to the gym and absolutely stank by the time I got there, which made me feel really bad. I’m very aware of body odour these days, and due to the ‘bad image’ of fat people, I am very self concious about personal grooming. Or at least much more than I was when I was entirely neglecting myself. I was also embarassed when I realised we had to bring our own yoga mats; the class I went to before supplied them.

The class itself was fast enough, but I didn’t get called out when I listened to my body and had to stop or reduce the amount of stretch. My balance is atrocious at the moment, I have discovered. There were things I could do 18 months ago that I definitely can’t do now, depsite 3 months of regular exercise and some healthy eating. There was another Noob there, so I wasn’t the only one and luckily I still retain some flexibility so on the hip stretches and things I was fine. Definitely going next week, as it was nice to be doing something in a group. One of the lovely things I’ve found about going to the gym has been the friendliness of other people, and the new friends I have made.

I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to exercise a bit more, and who wants to do group exercise without attempting Body Attack or Body Pump.


~ by Pewter on June 23, 2008.

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