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Well, I ordered 3 new bras. Or 2 bras and a bustier. The bustier sadly did not fit, although the boywholovesboobs said he could see it would have looked fucking hot on me. Oh well. The Refresher bra, by Kaylani, had some unfortunate problems. As it there managed to be wrinkles in the fabric around the nipples, despite the cup size probably being too small. The Millie Bra by Freya fits superbly, although again I could probably try an H cup. For a few wears now I’ve been wearing 38G, and have now shifted to a 36 back. Whether that is a result of recent exercises or not I’m not sure. I’ve also gone up a cup size and the boobs are feeling remarkably light now.

Shame about the bustier and Kalyani bra though. Oh well, sending them back and getting another 3 things to try on in return!


~ by Pewter on June 24, 2008.

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