Question about Torrid for UK girls!

Is there anyone out there from the UK who has ordered clothes from Torrid? I was astounded to discover somewhere that does a few things in my old skapter punk style, and would love to own some stuff I could feel alternative in again without spending a fortune for custom made gear. I’m totally in love with this plaid skirt. Although I would probably feel ridiculous and mutton dressed as lamb if I actually wore it, I have to have it ><

My question is – do I have to pay extra fees in the UK for it? I’ve never ordered anything from the US, so I have no clue about how to find out whether something is going to cost me a bomb if I order it.


~ by Pewter on June 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Question about Torrid for UK girls!”

  1. I’ve ordered from Torrid a couple of times and have (with one exception) always been hit with import duty by UK customs! If you buy in the Torrid sale, the exchange rate means that it’s still worth it, but otherwise I’m not sure I’d bother again!

  2. Okay, thanks for the tip! 😀

  3. Maybe you could order with someone else, would it be worthwhile then if you share shipping and then import duty? I bet there are loads of people who want to order off there, I know I do! x

  4. dont you have to pay a percentage of the cost as inport/export duty? and if its under so much you dont pay at all.

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