Catcalls in the UK

Lesley over at Fatshionista is talking about an experience she had recently on the way to the beach. Her comeback to the catcallers made me giggle, but it got me thinking about ‘fat shame’ in the UK as opposed to the US. I am sure there are areas in the UK where it is much more common. I’ve been insulted by a stranger for my weight exactly ONCE that I can remember. My parents have never gone on at me to eat less (aside from telling me off for midnight snacks and things, which was fair enough. They didn’t shame me for being fat, they shamed me for not doing as I was told/having no self control.)

The only time I got catcalled was when my fiance and I were cuddling at a festival, and by cuddling I mean he was standing behind me with his arms around my shoulders. As we were standing in a crowded area and we were rather small we moved to a larger, open space. We didn’t stand directly infront of anyone, but a few paces ahead, meaning even people shorter than us would be fine. The people we stood in front of us made an ‘underbreath’ insult about fat ass. We simply ignored them and continued enjoying the music. I’ve been pretty lucky if that was the worst catcall I ever had.

But then I never needed them – all the insults sat in my head from my own reactions when I looked in the mirror. My weight has been gradually increasing my whole life, due to an extremely sedentry lifestyle and very bad eating habits – lots of over eating. And yet I’ve never been scared of going out, not because of what other people say. Is this just purely me being lucky and living in polite areas?


~ by Pewter on June 26, 2008.

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