Fugly Shoes

I’m going to a themepark in a couple of weeks, and my sad old sandals are getting..well..sad. They’re old, and they were pretty much my only flat, comfy summer shoes for that entire time. I wore nothing but them. And the lovely suede lining has died up and ripped, and it’s like walking on permenantly crumpled newspaper or dried leaves whenever I walk anywhere. Also, at themeparks, slip on shoes are likely to come off.

I always fancied me some ‘walking sandals’. You know the type, rugged and outdoorish. Trouble is my local shoe shop only sells them for men, and they felt cheap and tacky. So I tried womens sandals on, a pair the crappy flash website called ‘Rona Race’. Mine are brown and green leather. With hideous buckles. Urgh. There goes my vow to be funky and comfortable.

However they fit snugly and are an absolute joy to walk in. I’m wearing them in for the next week and a half to prevent blisters. Although knowing my luck it will RAIN and I’ll wish I had purchased a pair of wellington boots.


~ by Pewter on June 26, 2008.

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