Rethinking Seniors

Blonde Bombshell has a great post up about junior plus size sections, and why us more mature girls *cough* should rememeber to take a look at them once in a while. This is great if you live in the US where they have such things, not so good in old Blighty. Junior plus size doesn’t seem to have occured to any of them ever – I always shopped in adult stores ever since I hit 13.

However there is a different type of fashion snobbery out there – seniors. There are a number of stores in the UK which are cheap and specifically aimed at the older lady. They have that perculiar smell, you know the one I mean? Anyway, my little rural town has like…no chain stores. Nothing to do with clothing, ever. There is one boutique that is designed for the middle class/professional fashion victim, one for the late 30s-50s version, one for 50+ and 2 stores that sell those annoying hippy ‘one size’ clothes that never fit people like me. And this please – I think it sells seconds from other cheap stores all over the country, it is a strange mix of the startlingly young and trendy, and the old-but-trying-to-be-young-by-wearing-jeans. And by old I mean zimmer frame.

Not everything was available over a size 18, and some really nice things didn’t go above 14. Also many things that were my size were hideous. However I did manage to trade down a knee length empire line white sun dress for a tasty £10. It fitted beautifully, and I plan to invest in a shrug so I don’t have to deal with bra strap shame (a topic for another day, I feel.)

Sun Dress, white.I also found an nice green off the shoulder top that’ll be great with just about any pair of trousers I own. It has two little white straps that cover my bra straps, but unfortunately they are just slightly too short so it isn’t as off the shoulder as it could be. I snapped it up for a tasty £3.

Finally, I was remined of the importance of fabric when I disovered a white top with the most perfect neck line ever. Unfortunately I don’t know how to describe it, but if the fabric hadn’t been so light and showed off my bra so well, I would have provided a picture. The closes I can come is a wrap over across the boobs which was connected to..well, not the armpits, but then vertical neckline, rather than the diagonal of the wrap going all the way across the shoulders.

I ended up getting a black top that is…well, the neckline is what you would get if you wore a boob tube and then a shrug, except without the whole…shrug thing. Anyways, it should look hot. *Goes to try it on* Well, if I don’t want to be obvious about my cleave it is a nice modest top – make a nice change to camisoles and tank tops at any rate.


~ by Pewter on June 27, 2008.

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