Mah stomach, it talks ma!

Not that my mum reads this, but my stomach can…do things again. I have abdominal muscles once more! Currently this means I can do the undulating stomach thing I used to be able to do as a child. Which is fun.

What it also means is that when I start belly dancing again, I’ll actually have some control around my abs and be able to do the movements much better and more fluidly. Still with jiggling, but as I said previously, I’m good with jiggling. Project exercise continues to go well, although I’m find that situps on the fitball are in danger of hurting my back, I’m a bit worried about that. I’m probably doing them incorrectly, but the ball feels awfully small.

Bridges are getting easier now though, I can thrust (ahem) properly and I can really feel them doing me good. Body Balance this week almost didn’t happen, but there was definitely improvement from last week which made me feel fabulous for going. My balance has improved a lot and I can really stride out with confidence. I’m taking a real interest in cloths and appearance again, and I’ve started tentatively looking for things in a style I like, as opposed to what is merely appropriate. A pity that I hate 90% of all fashion trends. Oh well.


~ by Pewter on July 1, 2008.

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