Bra Strap Shame – GTFO

EDIT: Some comments, from elsewhere, that were forwarded to me have prompted me to put an addendum. Thank you to the friend who passed the comments on to me. I found the discussion and points of view at fatshionista very interesting, although I have since found out that a much cooler and snarkier discussion went on elsewhere. I am sorry to have missed it. However regarding the wedding – I was coming in from out of the country and at that time I owned ‘one’ bra and was wearing the bridesmaids dress ‘unseen’. I also had an eye infection that day, so by the time I was allowed to change into something more practical, I no longer cared about the bra strap. My friend knew why and understood.

I will spend more on a bra than almost any piece of clothing, if I can possibly help it. These things that support my mammaries are works of art for someone as large as me. They’re comfy and sexy, they don’t look like an old woman’s bra, the sort I thought I would be relegated to. They are as beautiful and gorgous as any piece of clothing I own, and their straps are thick because damn I am made that way.

And yet straps are ‘shameful’, because it is bad to show your underwear in public. According to social mores and ideas of tackiness I am condemned to wearing tank tops and t-shirts and shirts for the rest of my life. Strapless bras simply do not come in a a 36H (UK), and for this I have to ignore camisoles forever? FUCK THAT. My boobs aren’t hanging out, I’m not using an icky piece of plastic for straps, and my bras look DAMN GOOD thank you very much. I refuse to be called tacky for being as god made me, and for chosing to wear strappy tops because I prefer them to fugly capped sleeves and hideous T-shirts that Evans believes is fashionable and appropriate for people my size. How is hiding a inch thick strip of fabric going to change anything about me?

It isn’t. At all. Hiding the fact that I am wearing a bra, at my size, is like hiding the fact that omg I am wearing a swimming costume in a swimming pool. The fact that you can’t see the strap isn’t going to change the fact that anyone with an ounce of sense will know it is there. Like 90% of women out there, you can probably tell from the way my back fat moves/is shaped. I’m not going to cover my shoulders for the rest of my life just because someone thinks that by hiding that strip of fabric I am preventing being tacky.

Don’t be ashamed of the bra strap – buy colourful, pretty bras and wear them with pride, colour co-ordinate, have fun with it, or just plain don’t care.

(Please note that I am not suggesting bareing your bra straps in the office, or any professional/smart environment.)


~ by Pewter on July 4, 2008.

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