Well Fitted

I’m a newish devotee of Fatshionista, a livejournal community that grew out of the ‘issues’ and debating side of ‘Fat’ and into the fashion side. The main posts of the community are Outfit of the Day (OOTD), sales posts, and general fashion queries. It’s a wonderful, safe feeling community and I love it. Sales fridays are kinda…kid in a candy store for me – I look out for edgy goodies  which don’t get made in the UK and buy them. Recently I ordered an adorable size 22 (US) lip service dress. It is hot. I love it. Except it is is way too big. It fits okay around the bust, but it is just….it feels like it should be close fitting in certain places – so it feels about two sizes too big.

And I always had this problem. It’s not going to go away even if I do lose inches via the ‘get healthy’ plan. My boobs may get smaller but they will continue to be the rack of doom no matter what cup size they actually appear to be. I’m finally going to a bravissimo brick and mortar store this week, but it seems even the 36GG and the 36H may be wildly ‘wrong’ for me. New estimates are looking at a 34HH, or possibly even bigger. That’s a 6 inch difference between my ‘measured’ fitting and the actual band size. Holy fuck.

Anyway, my mission in life currently is to find a stock of white shirts that look good on me, and fit. And that I like. Some of the current fashions may ‘look good on me’ but I hate them. However I also have a habit of liking certain clothes once they’ve actually gone out of fashion. Ho hum. The other ‘mission’ is to rediscover my preferred ‘alternative’ looks. I’ve never been totally out there in terms of style, and actually I don’t like general gothiness, I just like some of the clothes, if that makes sense. I adore Abby from NCIS, but her OTT goth look certainly isn’t me.


~ by Pewter on July 14, 2008.

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