Goth revival

I definitely had my own style in college. I call it ‘muted goth skater’. I wasn’t skinny enough or rich enough to carry off the looks I desperately wanted to wear. Hell, I didn’t even know where to buy most of that gear until I was well past the age of being able to fit in it. But I lived in skinny hoodies that I got in high street stores, and paired with tank tops and baggy black jeans designed for men. I wore a spikey coller and badly applied black eyeliner with shimmery gold lip gloss, and I died my hair dark red at all times. I covered the tank tops and camisoles with army surplus shirts, and painted my nails black.

Some how it worked. And I gradually grew bigger and left Uni. I stopped caring so much about looking angsty and started looking for clothing pieces that, yanno, fitted. And then our life in scotland fell apart and I spent 2 years wearing my clothes and trainers out. I finished grad school and came back to the UK a couple of sizes bigger, and started buying clothes for ‘work’. Until I realised that that was all I had. A work uniform. The lovely ‘odd’ clothes I adored were still out of my reach, and I looked in the mirror and wondered what happened to that self-concious twenty something who still dressed how SHE WANTED TO, and not how society thought she should.

And I grumbled. I’m 25, and all the people I see wearing the styles I like are teenagers. I’ve always abhored the velvet/lace/ribbons/bell sleeves look that is the mainstay of plus sized goth fashion. Or at least easily available plus size. I’ve looked around, and thanks to mookygirl I’ve find suppliers and stores that do things I like in my size. And more importantly things that I can fit in with my work wardrobe and wear to work.

Still a bit clueless about ever doing some make up. I have no clue where to head with that. I always look like a girl playing in my mum’s make up box. Hairwise I am torn between not ‘damaging’ my long hair, waist length and light brown, and giving it a glorious reddish hue. I swim a lot though, so I’ll probably put that off for a long time. I’m also getting keen on dreadfalls, but I kinda wonder where I would wear them. I don’t go to gigs or night clubs, and I certainly can’t wear them to work. Argh. Decisions. Also money. Dread falls can cost lots.

I have found my new winter coat for next year though. The Kankova coat by Alien Skin, also shown here in a green of some kind. Although they don’t have a colour chart, so I’m a little scared of ordering. They can make them to your measurements, and also do the colours to your specifications. I’d love this one as well, but I don’t think it is particularly practical for me. Essentially, Alienskin has a ton of products I love that come in my size OR can be ordered for me. I just wish there was a way to try things on, as they have a no returns policy on their clothing as it is all technically custom made. Boo.

So many things I want from this store, a hooded top, several skirts such as a stripy one, a fur edged one amongst others. Argh so much stuff I wants!

I’m also keeping an eye out for cute little edgy accessories. One of the things that stopped me buying such accessories in uni was that I always found them quite contrived. A ‘coffin’ handbag? How cheesey is THAT?! The other thing was that I was staunchly anti ‘bag’ so I carried most things in the pockets of the ridiculously baggy trousers I swathed my lower half in. So now I look at ‘gothic’ or alternative bags and wince inwardly at them. They haven’t really changed, and in my mind they seem to lack…style. Not that I have bags of the stuff, but I can’t see myself carrying them with my ordinary work clothes, which is the aim of the exercise.


~ by Pewter on July 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Goth revival”

  1. Man, I am totally loving that store – those clothes are edgy and funky without adding frills and lace and whatnot. I especially love the Kankova coat, stunning!

    It’s a shame about the no returns policy though 😦

    [and coffin handbag? Good grief. (pun totally intended.)]

  2. I can understand the no returned – it’s your colours and things, stuff is made to order, but it still makes me a sad podgy panda.

    And behold! The sad state of ‘edgy goth bags’:

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