Best Odd Bags Out There

So to carry on from my previous post about the state of plus sized goth fashion, I’m going to talk about bags. I always get it wrong when I buy a bag, and subsequently have stopped trying to follow trends. Mainly because I’ll look at a bag and instantly see how cheap/contrived it looks, and this extends to the delirious world of ‘goth’ bags. There is not much variety out there for the freaks and goths amongst us. So I’ve been trawlling the web for bags I like, and also the bags I find unbearably cheesy, as well as near misses. And oh my god are there a ton of bags that would have been perfect if the designer hadn’t fucked up an essential detail.

And according to fashion gurus the world over, the style is always in the details of the garment. Buttons can be changed, but other things are much harder to alterate.


US company Blackrose has the usual assortment of bat and coffin shaped handbags, but is also sporting a great little range of printed canvas bags – casual, fun and easy to slip into a non-goth outfit for a little extra ‘zing’. Although I’m not sure ‘zing’ is the right word. If I had the money I might plump for this little gem

Monsoters make the best boyfriends by Creepsville 666

by Creepsville 666. Simple, fun and a little odd – a nice variation on the standard shopping bag that everyone is using when they want to be casual these days. I won’t be getting it, but that’s because I’m too poor right now.

A near miss from Blackrose was this brocade record bag. I love brocade and damask as fabrics, it should be used more. But then they went and used a hideous plastic clasp and strap, ruining the whole idea of the thing. Fail.

Moving swiftly on to one of those ‘contrived’ brands, little Emily Strange.  Most of this brand I find a bit too much in the way of cutsey, and I’ve never seen any ‘alternative’ people really sporting this brand, even though it has been around for years. The shopper bag seems to be the magical formula for really bringing out the graphic design of a brand though, and I adore this shoulder bag with a zip.

Emily Strange Shoulder Bag

Emily Strange Shoulder Bag

I’m contemplating getting it to replace my rapidly dying swimming bag, or for general use. I love the graphic. Not as ‘fun’ as the other, but a nice touch and the details are fine. The quality looks a bit better than the Creepsville, although the design is much more subdued.

But as I said – these are fun, casual bags. You wouldn’t take these on a smart night out, or to a wedding. You might use them for work, for the gym, for a days shopping, but clubbing, at a meal? Nu uh.

Well, the ‘smart’ bag proved a lot hard to find without straying into this sort of territory:

Coffin bag as standard


The less cheesy alternatives aren’t stylish enough. Wacking a pvc skull and cross bones on a cheap black pvc bag does not a good look make, in my opinion, but I don’t want to be consigned to using canvas bags and odd backpacks for the rest of my professional life either. Blah. Suckage on a huge scale. Literally every goth site out there sells the above styles – it’s high street for goth.

Anyway, for some great alternatives there is always my beloved etsy! Although you might need a bit of money for something truly gorgous, it may give you some inspiration for customising fun, smart bags that you can find cheaply else where.

Quilted Handbag by Caroline Kelly – I love this, but can’t afford it at the moment.

Bamboo Handles by TerraMaya – not feeling the bow/ribbon, but otherwise an amazing print and easy to fit with a mainly non-goth outfit.

Black Widow Purse by Haute Indiscretion – Very discreet, very sexy

Skeleton Key Clutch by Sweetwolf – I love love love this! Want!

So there you have it, an over view of the ‘goth’/;punky’ handbag market. Conclusion? Avoid the goth shops for handbags, you’ll end up with something cheap and tacky. A quick search on esty should come up with something affordable and unique.


~ by Pewter on July 18, 2008.

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