Plus Size Retailers Giving Out Bad Advice

This makes me soooooo mad. Evans is pretty much the only reasonably priced plus sized high street store in the UK. There are plus sized boutiques, some other chains have ‘larger’ ranges, and there is Ann Harvey which is for the determinedly frumpy. They are giving out the most wrong advice about bra sizing ever. They have some fairly helpful hints further down, but measure yourself and add 4 inches? WHAT THE FUCK EVANS. I’m 40″ or there abouts under the bust, but I need to wear a 36 to get any decent support. No wonder other big boobed women have fucking back ache if that is the crap advice the ONLY PLUS SIZED CHAIN in the UK is giving out.

You can find this piece of shit advice on their website.  I’ve already written in to complain. After finally getting decent fitting advice from bravissimo, which isn’t even technically plus sized, this is a real let down.


~ by Pewter on July 31, 2008.

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