I got tagged to be Proud. Or proud to be tagged, or summat.

Marshmallow doesn’t care if I hate her, so she tagged me with this meme that grew out of one of her regular…columns? Series of articles? I dunno, does a regular blogger get to write a column in their own blog?  Or does this all tie in with that whole blogging/journalism not-really-a-cross-over-thing.

What are five things you’ve said or done in the past twelve months that you’re most proud of?

(Originally asked of Marshmallow by Kada)

  1. I was the only breadwinner of the household for a good six months. I’ve never had to look after myself and someone else at the same time before. I’d never had a full 9-5 for longer than 3 months before, I’d just spent 5 years sitting around pretending to get mah self edumacated. Yet there I was, paying bills, organising just about everything from haircuts, to opticians appointments, to driving licenses, laundry, mail, rent. Everything. I did that. We have a home because I did that. My SO had spent the last 4 years doing that for me, but this time I managed to find us a home we loved, and pay for it. Even when I felt like shit in the mornings. He’s working now, but those first six months were so hard, I am still really proud of myself for getting through it.
  2. Exercising 3-6 days a week for 4 months. I may have fallen of the wagon due to a total lack of equipment. 1 sportsbra and 1 swimming costume for that sort of activity is probably a bad idea, as stuff wears out faster if you…well, use it and wash it. It doesn’t take away from the fact that I know I can do it, and that I love doing it. I’m proud of learning that about myself, and I look forward to my new swimming costume coming in the mail!
  3. I’m proud of the fact that I was able to lift myself out of my mood slumps to support my SO. I have a hard time with my moods, and it was important to me that I was able to stop the usual nagging/asking/demanding that I do as part of my mood cycles in order to give him a break and allow him to de-stress when stuff was crapping him out at work.
  4. Just before I fell off the exercise wagon, I was able to swim half a kilometre without stopping. Not all crawl mind, but coming from someone who is 247+ lbs and hadn’t exercised properly for most of my adult life, that was important to me.
  5. Wearing and buying dresses. I’ve actually gone a bit nuts on this. Ever since I was a little girl, and was…not so little – just taller and stronger and more solidly built, I’ve had a fear of dresses, and pink things and bows and lace. Girly girl just ain’t me. Gimme a pair of skater jeans and some nice chunky trainers and I’m happy as a pig in muck, even if I am too old to be identifying with emo teenagers. My first step was ordering the etsy dress. The second was buying a white cheese cloth dress that fitted and looked nice. The third was buying a dress that is much too big for me, but I love the fabric and the ‘look’ and am going to get it altered. The 4th was a blue and brown maxi dress that looked fab. Then there came a skirt. I discovered, partly through exercise, that I have nice, shapely calves and that I should show them off! OMFG I HAVE NICE LEGS. I still don’t get on with my thighs. They’re a weird shape with or without fat, but omg I love my huge calves, they are gorgous.

I think number 5 is more than one thing. However it was my…personal epiphany moment. I have a nice rack, and I have nice calves. I also like my fore arms and my decolletage. This…epiphany about my legs seems to have given me permission to experiment with make up and hair, and to feel good about myself. And if I feel good about myself, what does it matter that I’m taller and twice as wide as everyone else I know? It doesn’t. Aside from my fat, my body is a pretty enviable shape, and I shouldn’t down on myself just because of my size.

Okay, who to tag, who to tag. I don’t know how many of these people would read this, so I’m going to keep it simple and just post who I would be interested in hearing it from. If you are tagged, please do not feel pressured into doing this. I hate meme’s myself, but as Marshmallow said – this is a good one.

~ by Pewter on August 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “I got tagged to be Proud. Or proud to be tagged, or summat.”

  1. Yaaay, thanks for participating! That’s a great list of things to be proud of, and it’s insightful to look at yourself and list off the things that are awesome about you. So often we seem to be directing negative energy at ourselves, so this was lovely 🙂

    Thanks again, I loved those answers!

  2. Dood I am finally getting around to doing this. Answers are forthcoming.

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