What Bandwagon, where?

Truly off the exercise bangwagon, and I’m really -feeling- it at the moment. My diet has ended up all over the place, my routines are all off and I’m bloody knackered all the time because I’m no longer sleeping well. Trouble is I have no desire to go to the gym right now. 5 times a week I can manage, twice a week (which is all the amount of gym equipment I have) not so much.

Word of advice – if you’re taking up a more active lifestyle, don’t wait until you are ‘in to it’ to invest in equipment. And by equipment I mean properly fitting sports bras, comfortable gym clothes, trainers, and several swimming costumes. Trying to do it with the bare minimum of equipment means that there is one additional ‘trip up factor’ getting in your way. I was tripped up by my swimming costume giving out on me, plus a very busy 2 months of visitors and social events. It was fun, but my routine is gone.

In other news, I also managed to break our fridge. Which meant tasty hummous and low fat natural yogurt went off, and I also will have to buy new salad supplies very soon, and milk every day. Boo.


~ by Pewter on August 11, 2008.

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