Trinny & Susannah Undress Big Girls

I only watched a small bit of the Trinny & Susannah program ‘Undress the Nation – Big Girls‘. It was enough to make me cringe as the women talked about how size 10uk were ‘the freaks’. While I am not an anti-dieter in the sense that many FA bloggers are, and am a relative newbie at HAES and intuitive eating, the statements offered by the big girls were heartbreaking. Ragging on thinner people to make yourself feel better is in no way morally superior to a size 8 ragging on a fatty. Jeez. Another woman just said that she should be able to wear nice clothes, even if she likes to eat. Part of me was ‘wooo, stand up for yourself yay!’ positive, and the other part was ‘don’t play into the stereotype!’

That said I’m glad Trinny and Susannah are stepping forward to champion the cause, I just wish they could have acted a little more responsibly. Some great clips were when the manufacturers/brands were confronted with their best and worst designs. The trouble is that the manufaturers are about profit, and even if they provided beautifully cut, flattering clothes, I get the feeling that many women would still wish to buy the tent like things.


~ by Pewter on August 15, 2008.

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