Still this beating heart

This blog has been very quiet recently. Partially due to a lack of money to buy things with. There is only so much entertainment in post a blog about the latest want that you will probably never be able to afford, over and over again. Life has been pretty staid, and my interest in the fatosphere has died down somewhat as I am never able to retain interest in circular movements.

I think that came out wrong. However the gist of it is that I like to go somewhere. I eventually tire of the gym because, well, you’re looking at the same walls, or the same pool floor for a an hour. At least when you go for a hike it has a start and a finish, if you plan it well.

The fatosphere, in the short time I participated, went around in circles. Considering that the major proponents of the movement have been blogging for years, I can only imagine the weariness and tiredness with which they look at the ignorant enquiries from pups like me. I had never heard of priviledge or appropriation before I dived into this particular community, and I still remain extremely ignorant of the subtlties and nuances of feminism and race issues that millions of women deal with a discuss around the global. These advanced discussions don’t include me – I have too much white priviledge, and my situation is such that I am unlikely to live in an area where I will truly see those experiences first hand.

It is all such a thing that eventually turns you off blogging. My interest turns to trashy TV, video games, and catching up on my classics rather than blogging here. I still spend a lot of time hunting down clothes I’d like, but I don’t buy and I don’t feel the need to share them any more. Aside from Fatshionista, the fatshion blogs seem increasingly empty and devoid of my experience – priced too high, or too focused on the american markets to be relevant to me. Blogging in a void.

And that was a long ass rant/explanation of silence. Oops.


~ by Pewter on December 4, 2008.

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