Isolating a Fat Belly

I am a beginner at belly dancing, but I must say it is one of the most self-affirming, fun things to do. If you’re looking-for an active hobby (for fitness sake, or just for fun, whatever) I highly recommend it. There are tons of videos all over youtube of fat women dancing happily.  It’s low impact, it’s fun, and if you have a good teacher and a nice class, it’s social.

I’ve been going to a class locally for about 2 months now, give or take a week or two. We do an hour, including warm up. Since I joined we’ve been doing a very african, earthy dance – uneven walks, bouncing the hips around, some cha cha movements. For warm ups we’ve been doing figure of eights, both horizontal and side to side. This week, haha, this week we started a new routine and some new moves involving some real isolations. I don’t pick up dance moves particularly fast, so I think I’m going to really have to practise a lot. The routine is very slow, so a lot of the focus is on control and artistic movement. I am absolutely loving it, because it is more what I imagined I would learn when I started, and it lifts the class beyond mere exercise into something artistic. I wish I could get my arms and hands to move a little more fluidly, but I think that will come with practise.

The nice thing about this class is that when you’re looking at someone else, it is never with a critiquing eye. You’re so focused on your own body that the only other people you might focus on are the women who have already mastered the moves. One of the women next to me was definitely scared of looking silly, which made me feel self concious for a moment, but it’s great to be in a social environment where I’m not feeling judged as I do it.

Currently I’m still using a tassled shawl as a scarf, and would really like to get a scarf of my own that really fits, so I’m working slowly through this list of resources I found here, to see if anything will work for me.


~ by Pewter on June 4, 2009.

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