What Do I Think? ‘Diet & Discussing Food in FA’

One of the reasons I use the nickname ‘pewter’ in various places is becomes I sometimes feel that I have very malleable opinions. Some of my core beliefs are based in humanism and holism. As my experiences and knowledge about the world and myself expand, my opinions will alter. Everything depends on everything, everything is interconnected. This approach is why I often find it hard to take an activist stand like many members of the fatosphere, I find it intensely hard to commit to things on an intellectual level.

This makes every opinion formed, and every thought, just part of an ongoing process that I am going through, one day at a time. Constantly reaccessing ideas and beliefs can stifle the written voice, and be a lot of hard work. And now I promise I will get to the point! This way of thinking has in the past made me suceptible to slipping back into diet-think, or at least diet-speak, as I try to work out my feelings and thoughts about my body and the way I treat it. I am learning not to think of food in terms of ‘calories’, I am learning not to think of food as good and bad (I ate a chocolate bar today, but I don’t feel bad about it!) but I am still looking at and interested in the way I react to certain foods.

I found an awesome quote that current characterises what I think is a healthy way to approach eating, and treating your body well both mentally and physically.

In my experience, when you do two things — 1) stop food restriction, and mentally grant yourself permission to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, however much you want — and 2) pay attention to how eating makes your body react, so that you can balance short-term pleasure with longer-term well-being, so that you are nourished both physically and mentally — when you do these things (and they are not easy, not as simple as they sound, and can take years of effort), the food fantasies will end.

~ The Fat Nutritionist

This is an important quote to me, especially number 2. I cannot subscribe to the idea that because one is not dieting to lose weight, that eating healthily and caring about nutrition suddenly becomes unimportant. This is a sentiment I have seen expressed by many fat bloggers, so I know I am saying nothing new. But as someone new to Fat Acceptance, I believe I’m doing the right thing by asking myself these questions and answering them, forcing myself to think about issues more deeply. It is my choice to talk about food – I love to eat, and my fiance is a fantastic cook. I geek out over greek and balkan cuisine (nomnomnom), and I have joint problems that require me to pay attention to the prescence of certain oils and nutrients in my diet (diet as in what I happen to eat, not a ‘diet that is proscribed to be healthy/lose weight.)

This is talking about nutrition and food on my terms, not the ideals of someone who thinks I should weigh a certain amount.

Okay, this is a long ramble, and I partially have Bri to  thank for it!  She sent me an email asking what I meant by the reference to diet, and it really got me thinking.


~ by Pewter on June 5, 2009.

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