Late diagnosis. Argh

I had an ultrasound to test for PCOS back in September. They never called me back about it, so I kinda assumed everything would be fine. I asked my Doctor about it today,  after I’d gotten my referral to a physio, and he said that I had some small follicles showing, and would be well advised to persue a low GI diet. Other than that he wasn’t going to take any action because I wasn’t looking to conceive likeomgnow.

Seriously, not that I’m happy to maybe have PCOS, but as a commentator said earlier, it’s better to know something about it than not. And I apparently have early or low impact signs. Going through websites, I have hirstutism. I have break outs. I have milia. I have depression and low energy, and I have wild mood swings. I have an implant for contraception, and that might explain away my irregular (and occasionally double) periods. Argh.

I’m heading along to the sexual health clinic to get my bc sorted out, and will be making another appointment with the Nurse to discuss PCOS with her. She was also concerned about my thyroid. So. Yeah. Argh.

As for my knees, my kneecaps may well be misaligned. And yes, weight was mentioned, even after I pointed out that I’m already ‘active’ and I already eat a balanced and moderate diet. Urgh.

I am finishing every sentance with an annoyed throwing up of my hands and an ‘argh’. Sorry, I can’t seem to stop that right now. Argh.


~ by Pewter on June 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Late diagnosis. Argh”

  1. *hugs*

    My (ex)endocrinologist waited a YEAR to tell me that ‘my liver enzymes are elevated’. And told me there was no need to go off the medication known to cause liver damage. What is with these doctors??? (I’m still on that medication because I don’t want to stop it without a doctor to track things, but argh.

    So, yeah, I feel your pain about the not bothering to tell you about test results. Feel free to email me if you want to talk privately about knee exercises or PCOS or anything. And I suggest a new doctor. That’s the kind of thing that pisses me off no end. My mother had the same kind of thing happen to her with diabetes (!!).

    • I’m going to book a general ‘health’ appointment with the community nurse in the mean time, who was the person who originally ordered the ultra sound for me. What is odd is that the whole practise seems to specialise in gynaecology and obstetrics, so you’d think they’d be sensitive to this sort of thing.

      • I’ve found that practices that specialize in ob/gyn tend to be focused on people wanting kids and not so much on things that aren’t affecting you having kids Right Now.

  2. That’s a really unacceptable delay – I don’t blame you for being upset!!

    PCOS and thyroid problems, but particularly Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism (an autoimmune thyroid disorder) are fairly closely linked, so you might want to find another endocrinologist (a prompt one) who can take a look at the whole picture. If it is hypothyroidism, thyroid meds are pretty innocuous, all told, and you could find them really helpful.

    I’m heading off on the PCOS treatment track too, although not for conception (I’ve got my kid, don’t want another one any time soon!), and am looking forward to seeing how it goes. I have high hopes (if only I could get my lovely, thick hair back!).

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