Lazy Stores

Evans have confounded me. This is not unusual. My natural style inclinations tend towards 2000-2005, baggy skater jeans, and goth/punk cross over. I’m now in a casual-business environment, and don’t really wish to dress like the 15 year olds in my local town, so I have to moderate my love of black eyeliner and scruffy clothes. Due to my size, budget, and preference for trying things on without postage hassle, I am limited to Evans and New Look for the most part.

Which is why it really annoys me that in Evans rather small selection of dresses this season, they are touting a dress that they’ve been selling in various colours for at LEAST a year. I give you exhibit A: the beaded kimono dress in red. This muumuu like piece of clothing has previously been offered in a sort of bluish purple. I’m sure it was also available in a sort of tangerine colour, but my google-fu fails me. Obviously the dress sells well, or they wouldn’t release it again. I even love the new colour.

But when the range of clothes over all is so limited, using up a precious ‘dress quota’ with OLD designs is not something I’m happy about. This isn’t a work or casual dress basic. It’s not even a classic LBD, which Evans should do regularly simply because fats like their timeless classics. No. It’s a ‘hide my fat and look vaguely fashionable’ piece of smart clothing, and they’ve been selling it to us long after the style has been and gone in straight sizes.

I get that Evans has to cater to the 50 something fattie who just wants something modest and colourful AND the 18 year old who wants the latest styles. AND everyone in between, like myself. I get it, I really do. But that’s no excuse for laziness.

~ by Pewter on June 23, 2009.

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