MSc in Obesity Sciences Unveiled & Basildon pays £s for lbs

Robert Gorden University in Aberdeen unveiled it’s plan for an MSc in Obesity Sciences last week, while I was away cavorting in the Pembrokeshire surf. Unfortunately it seems that the course, which will start out with 20 places, will start from a negative view point of fat. The Masters course will be exploring the health links with Type II diabetes, cancers, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Not so good, although the bbc article is very short, and I am glad that there is a step towards giving the many issues surrounding obesity and fatness some proper, dedicated attention. The professor, a Dr Ian Broom is quoted in a promising fashion. While BBC Scotland is typically obesity=tehbadness, Dr Broom talks in a much more concilitory fashion.

“We need to develop new ways of dealing with this and the overall education in terms of why we get obese is not clear to the general public.”You may think we eat too much but it’s not just as simple as that.”

If nothing else, this course may help to start dispelling the calorie in-calorie out mantra that is bleeted at fat people every time they so much as sneeze in the direction of a health care professional. The course is run by CORE, the Centre for Obesity Research and Epidemiology, read more about the Centre and it’s approaches. I don’t have the background in the FA movement to critique this properly, beyond the obvious that they buy in to the ‘scary statistics’ that are blamed on fat people. I would hope that such a centre would start off from a neutral position, but it seems to not be the case.

In other news, Basildon District Council will launch it’s Pound-for-pounds scheme in september. They’re attempting to financially reward people who lose weight, with vouchers for healthy food from supermarket Asda. The scheme is part of Get Out There Basildon! which is a project created to promote healthy activities. The information page for Pound-for-Pound is pretty slim at the moment, including the usual BMI calculator. The BBC article says that a sum of £1000 has been put aside to support the scheme, with 100 overweight volunteers to take place. Which means they aren’t expecting anymore than 10lbs of weight loss per person. Never mind that the vouchers for healthy eating would probably be more effective when volunteers start the scheme than when they finish it. Asda is a UK chain owned by US giant Walmart.

~ by Pewter on July 6, 2009.

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