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boobzihazthem is…many things. It’s a general blog, but as you can probably tell the focus is definitely body, image, and beauty. Specifically mine, but also inclusive of the media, of fitness and fat acceptance. As of writing this, I’m 26 and my weight has been gradually increasing my whole life. I’m in a relationship of 7 years, having been engaged for over 6 of those years. I’m from the UK, grew up in a rural town, went to university in a northern town, and currently work in a tiny tiny rural town not far from where I grew up. I’ve also lived and worked abroad.


Growing up I loved my books. I was idle and lazy, and I had a concentration problem. I loved horses, and my activity came from riding and looking after horses. My ‘socio-economic background’ is not deprived, but my parents could never afford anything big like paying fees (the equivalent of about 3000 dollars US per year). Until September 2007 I’ve been a student, and lived on less than 7000 pounds (uk) per year. Currently my boyfriend and I enjoy a joint income that we mainly use to get by and pay off debts. We live comfortably, but we don’t have much to spare.


I am white, I have skin that burns easily until I’ve built up a tan. I have light brown hair and hazel eyes, and I currently weigh 110kg, or there abouts. (I dunno, I weighed myself 2 months ago and I don’t think I’ve changed weight.) I have large boobs, and a large butt. Even if I was skinny I would have what is termed as ‘large child bearing hips.’ I’ve had a miscarriage, and I had an abortion in my last year of Uni.

Politics/Fat Acceptance

I like the idea of Fat Acceptance, but I still struggle with a part of me that wishes I was thinner. This journal is about my Fat Acceptance journey, as well as thoughts on beauty, image and society in general. I find it offensive when people ask for acceptance, but show little tolerance or support in return. I probably contradict myself a lot. I’m like that. No point in apologising for it. I work through problems and issues intuitively, despite my background in logic and philosophy. If I like something, I like something – I’m not going to be ashamed of wanting something or being a certain way. I would call myself a supporter of choice, rather than a feminist, a womanist, or pro-abortion. I believe every woman is an individual, is human, and is fucking fantastic. Even if I personally hate that woman’s guts. I think the same about every man.

I am a Liberal Democrat, I support the Countryside Alliance. I am interested in intersectionality, and learning more about the wider world of social issues and ‘-isms’.

Mental Health

I have experienced mental illness both personally and as a family member. My mother and maternal grandmother are both on various grades of what is termed bi-polar, and my behaviour patterns are modelled after those. I spent much of my youth sleep deprived due to a habit of watching TV until stupid hours of the morning. As a result my memory and intellect is up shit creek without a paddle. My mother was bi-polar enough to be on electroshock therapy before I was born, and has been on lithium (a high dose) my entire life. She also has had both knees replaced before her 55th birthday, and has problems with her thyroid. After I was born she was institutionalised for 3 months, as she experienced severe puerperal psychosis. A part of me is afraid of the same happening to me, but whatever. If it happens it happens.


I ramble a lot. I am straight but I definitely lust after female celebrities more than men. I’d love to be a rock chick again, but my tastes are too conservative. I want a tattoo one day. I’m a mac user, an MMORPG player, into equine sports, into being in rural locations, I love hiking and belly dancing, and enjoy swimming and the gym. I obsess over food both because I am interested in the effects on my body AND the fact that omgittastessogood. I tend to obsess over cheese more than chocolate, but I’ll totally welcome both if you want to send me something.

This is not a personal journal, but I have an LJ and a dreamwidth

And that is Boobzihazthem. Hello. Nice to meet you too!

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